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Getting work couldn't be easier

Why Work With Us

  • There can be plenty of times in your life when having a set work schedule isn’t convenient. Whether you’re a student, a parent, or can’t commit to a Monday — Friday, 9 - 5, or another weekly routine, there are jobs where you can set your own schedule to work when and where you want and is one of them.

  • We are looking for people all over the country to register on our platform, you will update your availability, no headache on when to go to work everything done on your own time with secure payment straight in your account after job completion

Cleanless Payment Process

  • You will be paid within 48 hours from completed your cleaning order (Normal bank processing conditions apply).
  • Our payments start from    € 14.00 per hour dependent on type of cleaning and your experience
  • When you arrive and start working you will have to access the site and click START which will indicate to us that you have started working at the location
  • Full payment will then be taken once you Click- JOB COMPLETE. The funds will be transferred to your account by at the end of the working day
    (Normal bank processing conditions apply , can be up to 48 hours)
  • Payments will be made to your account at the end of each working day, not inclusive of weekends and bank holidays.

Cleanless Workers requirements

Thanks for your interest to work with Cleanless . The following documents we will need can be submitted online once you have been approved .

  • If you Garda Vetted,You will need to provide a proof
  • Proof of identity- documents include passport or driving license.
  • Proof of address: any bill or bank statement
  • Valid email address to be validated
  • Valid mobile phone number to receive SMS messages any time from 7am to 9pm