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Our customers feedback about our service

Customer: Ciara

Disgusting abusive director. Awful service would never ever recommend to a friend. Was told fuck I and hounding messages after bad job no beds made no bins emtyed crisp rappers left in room. Abusive messages. Absolutely appalling

Customer: Sarah Cadden

Hi there, I just wanted to give you feedback on how happy I am with the service received today. The cleaners did a fantastic job on my home, I couldn't compliment their work enough. I will definitely be booking again. Thanks a million. Sarah

Customer: Linda Doolan

Wasn't pleased at all with the clean I was supposed to have a deep clean what would you suppose that would include not one cobweb removed no doors or windows wiped no polish used on furniture too many things to mention took photos and sent them to complain horrible response told they only dust vacuum and mop floors they don't scrub dirt 🤔 what sort of cleaning company is this absolutely disgusted it was a gift for a 93 Yr old man who has been in lockdown for 15 months had to clean for 2 hrs afterwards 😡

Customer: Meg M

Gemma was lovely and really put her all into it. This was her first cleaning job and I can only see her improving. Kitchen and floors were well done but a closer eye to detail would be an area for growth. On surface everything looked great, but corners, under furniture, dusting and windows are something to be mindful of. I think with a little guidance she would be a great employee and she was very receptive to feedback. My usual cleaner would take 3.5 hours but she was only here for less than 2. She could benefit from a check list to review as she really does want to do her best and should be given an opportunity. I'd give her 3.5/5.

Customer: Steven Wake

Didnt request this service and no one turned up on this date and time

Customer: Steve Wake

Can we change this to weekly clean

Customer: Pamela David

Excellent work Very pleased to come to a nice house I work in an emergency Dept in a hospital and I have been so busy I haven’t been able to keep on top of the household Thank you for helping me

Customer: Evan Page

Thanks soo much for the work ye done. We are delighted. will use again

Customer: Evan Page

Very happy with their service. Great work done

Customer: Rhoda

Yana and Ana were detailed and excellent cleaners. Thank you

Customer: Sara higgins

I just had Ineta clean my house and she did an absolute wonderful job. I ordered a deep clean and she really delivered on it. Im so happy with her service.

Customer: Maria

Caroline and Helen did an excellent job today would highly recommend them, really fast and professional. Thank you so much again

Customer: David Fawzy

great job once again the house looks brilliant great attention to detail. Thanks

Customer: Sandra McLoughlin

great job once again the house looks brilliant great attention to detail. Thanks

Customer: Irene del Rosario Méndez Gonzáles

Highly recommended v good job Irene

Customer: Same cleaner regularly?

Hi there, Thank you so much for setting up the cleaner we got yesterday, she did an excellent job. Would I be able to get the same cleaner back on a regular schedule? Every two weeks for 2-3 hours on a Friday would be ideal. Thank you! Brian.

Customer: Steven Reay

I am very happy with the service you have provided and I would highly recommend this service to others, thank you.

Customer: Deirdre

Great service, the girls were professional and thorough

Customer: Sonya mc areavey

Am cleaner my self reference will be no prob

Customer: Scot Heyes

Maria done a fantastic job. We currently have a fortnightly arrangement and I would be keen to have Maria return for the next visit! Please pass on my thanks to Maria! Thank you

Customer: Maria Lane

Katie Bannister did an excellent job very impressed


Just wanted to compliment Sharon on a great job. We were extremely happy with her and look forward to using your service again

Customer: Joy Gardiner

Katie has shown she is a true professional today. Hardworking with delightful people skills proved to be a wonderful combination. Definitely recommend the service.

Customer: Shirley Flanagan

Loretta did an excellent job cleaning my house today. She thoroughly cleaned everywhere and left no stone unturned! I was very happy with everything. Loretta was also very nice to deal with; professional and friendly. I am a very happy customer Thank you! Shirley

Customer: Meghan Rose Perkins

Just wanted to compliment Meghan for the great job done cleaning my house yesterday! She especially did a fantastic job with my oven. Thanks Meghan!

Customer: Sarah

We are really happy with Raissa she does a great job.

Customer: T.J.Murphy

Well Done!!!! This was a present for Son and Daughter in law for their new house , moving in next week They are both so delighted with this great service Credit to your cleaners Thank You

Customer: Niamh Morrison

Virginia came to clean my house today She did a fantastic job Very happy to come home from work to a clean house A lovely lady Thank you Virginia and Cleanless ☺

Customer: Philip Angove

Hi, I’m just enquiring on my cleaning order on the 15th; order number: 34501 Namely for: 3 bedroom apartment/house € 200 Cleaning Hours (Two Cleaners Total of) 10 hours Is there two cleaners assigned as I only see one name in the order? Let me know your input on it. Regards, Philip

Customer: Mairead king

Jessica did an amazing job , she is so thorough and my house is spotless clean ... I'd really like to have her again . She is so friendly and professional also , great service

Customer: Mark Finnegan

Michele has done an absolutely wonderful job here. She arrived in good time, was extremely friendly and polite throughout, and has completed the work above and beyond my best hopes. Thank you Michele. Very, very much.

Customer: Olivia

Hi Lynne did a good job on the first week. I was so disappointed last week. Cooker cleaned as requested but nothing else done. I have booked again for this week and hope to see an improvement

Customer: caroline and helen

excellent workers

Customer: Cliona Kearney

Really happy with the job done! thank you so much. See you in two weeks! Jeremy & Cliona

Customer: Nicola

Yolanta did an amazing job cleaning my house today. The place was spotless! I would recommend her and use her services again.

Customer: J i m o haire

I was told cleaner unavailable in my area this week. €30 deposit taken. Would lke that refunded and order cancelled. Thank you

Customer: Marie

Very satisfied with your job. I will recommend you to anybody. Thanks

Customer: Niamh Morrison

I had Luana come today to clean my house. She is a lovely lady. She did a great job Really pleased and satisfied. I have used this service before and will be using this service again Thank you Luana☺

Customer: Gavin Gleed

Thank you for sending me such a great worker! I am really happy with the job Jessica did, in a shared house with 3 working lads who are not the tidiest of sorts she is a god send. I will be looking to book again as soon as I can crowbar open the housemates wallets again. Thank you!

Customer: Gavin

Jessica did an amazing job, the living room looks clean enough to eat dinner off the floor! Would recommend 10/10 work and she was very fast! In a shared house with 3 lads who all work long hours it is no small feat to get the place looking this tidy! Great work thank you so much!

Customer: Mary Franco Viruez

Mary is absolutely wonderful! She is a hard worker and does a beautiful job cleaning our office every day.

Customer: Ann Mc Stravick

Hi Girls. You cleaned a house in Maynooth for me today. I was bery pleased with cleaning. You left a bag containing a leather skirt behind you. If you give me your address I will post it to you. Ann Mc Stravick

Customer: Aedín

Great job by Bridget. Spotless. 👍

Customer: Sinead Lee

Hi I have just paid for my clean today. I paid 65euro which was for a 4.5 hour clean but the girls were here for 3.5/3.75hrs. How does the payment for this get assessed? Also in future should I just be booking 3.5 hours? Thanks Sinead


lorena is perfect and professional

Customer: Nadia

Thanks for your time today Milanda. Everything went well.

Customer: Ahlam

She is a very good cleaner, so friendly and work fast.

Customer: Christine Myers

Great job by Mary. I am due a 10% discount as the first cleaner did not come but it hasn't come up on the payments. Can you let me know when this has been applied and I will arrange payment?

Customer: Sarah Bradley

Crislene always does such a great job Thank you

Customer: Joe Bingham

Thanks a million Donna for your excellent and professional work. You took a house that was a complete mess from neglect and turned it into a beautiful clean home. One that are really proud of again. The next day was Ronan's birthday and I was table to invite over some people to help celebrate his birthday with a dinner and I didn't have to go running around making room on the table and cleaning up! Thanks again, I would not hesitate to recommend this firm and Donna to anyone.

Customer: Joe Bingham

Absolutely delighted with Donna, very professional, great work, took a complete mess and cleaned it up and rearranged to help keep it clean, would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone. We will be arranging a schedule clean of the house with this company now going forward. The website and log in is 100% excellent and ease to use.

Customer: dr.mutibah

the clean is perfect , I am satisfy about the cleaning level and the nice personality Lorena has .

Customer: Kylie Ryan

Cleaner never turned up and never contacted me or returned my message. Please can I have deposit refunded.

Customer: Amy Cunningham

Very happy with my cleaners today they done a super job would def recommend .. I’m delighted

Customer: Emer F

Super cleaner! Highly recommend Lorena 😁

Customer: Lynette Botha

Megann Evans did not pitch up for the cleaning today. Most disappointing as she's confirmed. Any cleaner available tomorrow? Must use my post code A98 ET78 to get to my house at: Glenaire Cloon Enniskerry County Wicklow

Customer: Bryan Patterson

Good morning, we have just had our cleaner turn up this morning to do a clean. Unfortunately we didn't order a cleaner for this date and time, can you check your system as to why this has happened, obviously this has wasted the cleaners time travelling to us. The last clean we had done was a Sunday so it wouldn't have been an automatic duplicate order. We also have visitors with us this weekend or we would have let him in to do a clean anyway.

Customer: Lynette

No show from Megann Evans today. Please arrange a reliable cleaner for me for Tuesday 17 July at 12pm. I'll be home to show her around. I have pets.

Customer: Lynette Botha

Megann Evans did not arrive this morning. Please cancel this order as I've booked another order for Saturday prior to her not making it to the house this morning.

Customer: Ahlam Alzahrani

I am so happy with the service I got today From Lorena she is so friendly and her work omg is just amazing, thank you so much for choosing a good worker for me. thanks. I just have a concern my apartment was small so the time was almost okay, but I don't think this deep cleaning of 4 hours will suit villa or large apartment. anyways thank you so much, Lorena, made my day.

Customer: Caitriona knox

Hi, I already sent a message regarding a no show cleaner. I have tenants moving in Monday and I really need the help today. I can't do it on my own, am pregnant hence I booked cleaners for the 1st time ever! Asking me to re schedule is not good enough. I need a cleaner today!

Customer: Renata

Renata is very good & professional, and gives a great service

Customer: Annie

This order was never commensed.

Customer: Fernanda de Cassia Bico

Hello good day! the client of order 4800, canceled the services only now in the morning, I was already on the way and had already purchased the products that I was ordered.

Customer: Lynette Botha

Megann Evans is brilliant!

Customer: Edel

Excellent job 👍

Customer: Anna Kovacova

I would like to thank the lady on the other end of the phone who understood my needs that were urgent. I would also like to thank the staff who were in the apartment, they arrived very fast and took care of the suite that was filthy and stank of urine, they worked hard and did an excellent job leaving the room and bathroom nice and clean! I will look forward the services in the future again! thx all

Customer: Emer F

Lorena is amazing, couldn't recommend her enough! Very pleasant and excellent at her job ;-)

Customer: Cristiano

Good job. Thank you.

Customer: Emer

Brilliant cleaner, would highly recommend! Excellent job!

Customer: Emer

Great cleaner, really friendly and did an excellent job! Would definitely recommend!

Customer: Elaine

The girls did such a good job on our house today everything is spotless I hope to have them here again thank you so much I am delighted.

Customer: Francisco

Danielle was amazing! She left our house spotless. I was surprised that she even took the time to organize all kitchen species and utensils - it's way better now. I totally recommend her services. Thanks Danielle.

Customer: Anna

Very thorough and appreciated, considering clearly wasn't done to this depth before on some rooms. Be happy to use Perla again.

Customer: Anna

Very thorough and appreciated, considering clearly wasn't done to this depth before on some rooms. Be happy to use Perla again.

Customer: Kent

Thanks for the good job and easy payment system

Customer: Kellie donovan

You never updated arrangements with me. Last email you sent was that you were still trying to process the order. I don't know this section existed and wasn't even home when she arrived. Please check your emails to me.

Customer: Sarah Faulkner

Service was excellent, payment online was easy in one minute

Our customers feedback about cleaners

Customer: Rekha Vishnu Nagargoje (LOUTH)
Cleaner: Esther Arobieke , Entry date : 19-Jun-2021

She was good at work, prompt and neat.

Customer: Mary Green (DUBLIN)
Cleaner: Irene del Rosario Méndez Gonzáles , Entry date : 08-Jun-2021

Irene and helper worked very hard today. We were very pleased.

Customer: Mary Green (DUBLIN)
Cleaner: Irene del Rosario Méndez Gonzáles , Entry date : 08-Jun-2021

Irene and helper worked very hard today. We were very pleased.

Customer: Ercus LONG (DUBLIN)
Cleaner: Andrea Andreu , Entry date : 04-Jun-2021

Andrea was amazing. The house was spotless. Thanks so much. 5 stars!

Customer: Anthony Hughes (LOUTH)
Cleaner: Keylly Steffanie Estrada Rivera , Entry date : 27-May-2021

Keylly did a super job for me. I would like to book her again for three hours next Thursday from 8.00am. Many thanks Tony Hughes

Customer: Paul Lowry (DUBLIN)
Cleaner: Roza Huczko , Entry date : 26-May-2021

Hi cleanness Thank you very much for cleaning the apartment it came up like brand new a big well done to your staff for a brilliant job thanks again and I would definitely recommend you to other people Regards Paul lowry

Customer: Siobhan McGettigan (CORK)
Cleaner: Joelma Vale , Entry date : 19-May-2021

Joelma did such an amazing job, way beyond what we had expected. Incredibly hard worker and very pleasant. Thank you so much, we are delighted with the cleaning!

Customer: Catriona Maguire (LIMERICK)
Cleaner: Rosa Bastos , Entry date : 13-May-2021

Rosa was 10 mins late she arrived at 9.40 I assumed she’d make up the time but left at 1.30pm . From your page I read they should be here 10 mins early .

Customer: Catriona Maguire (LIMERICK)
Cleaner: Carine Staudt , Entry date : 29-Apr-2021

Very disappointed with the deep clean. But very happy that a different lady came today she did a great job .

Customer: Catriona Maguire (LIMERICK)
Cleaner: Tatiana Ribeiro , Entry date : 29-Apr-2021

Very pleased with Tatianas work today the place is new .

Customer: Aleksandra Petrik (DUBLIN)
Cleaner: Irene del Rosario Méndez Gonzáles , Entry date : 20-Apr-2021

Irene was absolutely wonderful! She was precisely on time, friendly, efficient and just so meticulous. She did a great job deep cleaning our house and really paid attention to detail and tidied it better than we’ve ever done! :) Very highly recommended! Will definitely use again, five stars!

Customer: Orla Treacy (DUBLIN)
Cleaner: Irene del Rosario Méndez Gonzáles , Entry date : 29-Mar-2021

HI Guys. Irene is really great and has a lovely personality .I Like her. Thank You

Customer: Naomi O'Toole (LOUTH)
Cleaner: Keylly Steffanie Estrada Rivera , Entry date : 27-Mar-2021

Just wanted to mention that I thought keylly did a great job cleaning our apartment. She was friendly and made sure I was happy with everything.

Customer: Caithriona O'Donnell (GALWAY)
Cleaner: Helena Rodrigues , Entry date : 05-Mar-2021

25 minutes late, left 25 minutes early, lacking attention to detail, cooker untouched, not cleaned, ironing not done, bed not dressed, silver in bathrooms left very cloudy, no shine. Overall disappointing

Customer: Siobhan O Donoghue (GALWAY)
Cleaner: Aline Rocha , Entry date : 26-Feb-2021

Had a deep clean done on my house to get it ready, for viewing, to sell. The girls did an amazing job. It's like a new house. Thanks girls. I would be very happy to recommend these guys & would definitely use them again.

Customer: Amy Creaner (LOUTH)
Cleaner: Keylly Steffanie Estrada Rivera , Entry date : 25-Feb-2021

Keylly did an amazing job I was really impressed. Very diligent and the place was spotless and very well organised afterwards. Cannot recommend her highly enough it was fantastic.

Customer: Sandra Keatley (MONAGHAN)
Cleaner: Thora Orange , Entry date : 01-Feb-2021

Thora has been with me twice so far and I have found her to be excellent. She is punctual, friendly and very good at her job. Delighted so far thumbs up.

Customer: Tamlyn Leeson (WATERFORD)
Cleaner: Elisabeth Baez , Entry date : 18-Dec-2020

We are really impressed with Elisabeth. She did an outstanding job and so friendly

Customer: Edel (GALWAY)
Cleaner: Aline Rocha , Entry date : 18-Dec-2020

Thank you again to Aline and Alice for a super job. Wishing you all a very happy and healthy Christmas and ÑY 2021!

Customer: Carmel Oneill (CORK)
Cleaner: Linda Darcy , Entry date : 18-Dec-2020

Thanks a million, it was great to come home to a sparkling house

Customer: Tamlyn Leeson (WATERFORD)
Cleaner: Elisabeth Baez , Entry date : 18-Dec-2020

We are really impressed with Elisabeth. She did an outstanding job and so friendly

Customer: Niamh Morrison (LIMERICK)
Cleaner: Luana Barbosa , Entry date : 21-Nov-2020

Luana arrived on time Lovely big smile and a hello greeting Luana had cleaned in my house before so she was familiar with it Came home from work to a sparkling shining fresh clean house Thank you so much Luana I would definitely recommend this girl and would be happy for her to clean again😊

Customer: Clare Keane (DUBLIN)
Cleaner: Yveth Callaú Vidal , Entry date : 20-Nov-2020

Hi I would like to have Yveth on a Tuesday for 3 hours and a Friday for 6 hours. Can Yveth come on Tuesday 24th at 10 am please. I want same cleaner. Thank you Clare Keane

Customer: Brenda Paul (DUBLIN)
Cleaner: Irene del Rosario Méndez Gonzáles , Entry date : 18-Nov-2020

The process of booking was easy as was the online payment once the job was finished. Irene was very friendly and did a fantastic job. I've never seen my house so clean, the hob was sparkling and the inside of my microwave shone. I would highly recommend her.

Customer: Clodagh Hall (DUBLIN)
Cleaner: Irene del Rosario Méndez Gonzáles , Entry date : 17-Nov-2020

Irene done an amazing job Thank you I would request for Irene for my next clean thank you so much Irene Clodagh hall

Customer: Martin O beirne (SLIGO)
Cleaner: Sarah O'brien , Entry date : 29-Oct-2020

Thank you for a great job!

Customer: Katie Harrington (DUBLIN)
Cleaner: Irene del Rosario Méndez Gonzáles , Entry date : 28-Oct-2020

Irene was very friendly and professional. She cleaned the apartment thoroughly and I was very happy with her work.

Customer: Sanjay Chaudhary (DUBLIN)
Cleaner: Irene del Rosario Méndez Gonzáles , Entry date : 17-Oct-2020

Very professional and very good service , highly. recommended.

Customer: Gerard Staunton (GALWAY)
Cleaner: RAYANNE LOPES , Entry date : 10-Oct-2020

Rayanne did excellent work in a friendly and professional manner, I would highly recommend 5 stars

Customer: Radostina Milcheva (CORK)
Cleaner: Wilnia Balby , Entry date : 07-Oct-2020

Wilna was very thorough with cleaning the house and to a very high standard. I would love for her to clean my house again.

Customer: Rebecca Burke (DUBLIN)
Cleaner: Irene del Rosario Méndez Gonzáles , Entry date : 05-Oct-2020

Rosario worked super hard and was excellent. The house was fab when she was done, Thank you so much,

Customer: Lorraine Gordon (CORK)
Cleaner: Bárbara Quevedo , Entry date : 23-Sep-2020

Ladies did a good job but returned home at 2pm to find an empty house so unsure when left despite having paid for 8hrs deep clean There were streaks on floors and counters weren’t clean in kitchen Glass in sitting room doors had finger prints Lovely finishing touches just little room for improvement not a deep clean feeling that was expecting for almost 200e

Customer: Erik Engelstad (DUBLIN)
Cleaner: Marysabel Guardia , Entry date : 14-Sep-2020

I was very happy with Marysabel ! She is friendly, polite and most importantly she left the house spotless. I even got to practice my very broken Spanish :) Kind regards, Erik

Customer: Grace Delany (CO. CORK)
Cleaner: Caroline Desmond , Entry date : 12-Sep-2020

Hi there. I availed of your service today and I have to say... I was so let down. It was a big decision to pay so much money, but I did thinking it would be done properly and worth it. I met with the 2 girls at the house, who were both lovely and discussed what I wanted - dusting mainly ! And I had the house pretty much cleaned so they could just start. I didnt have any big requests other than "surfaces..dusting" ..I told them leave beds etc. I had all beds / kids wardrobe pulled out making it as easy as possible. I was told in one enquiry it was €15 p/h so when I paid €160, I expected more than 4 hrs. However, I've no issue with that as long as place was done. I got home at 3pm, and I was so excited to see the place and I have to say..I was just so disappointed. As I said, this was a big cost/ investment for me. All the stuff we had talked about (cleaning down outside kitchen units, dusting skirting, wiping rads etc) not done. I felt these were all basic asks (no beds/linen etc) I took pics straight away (before anyone else home) and videos and sent them to my rep (girl I was whatapping from the start) and if I was let down with the results, the bigger let down was the response. Rather than acknowledging situation, she responded with "those pics were taken before cleaner came" (which I would never do?) So then I had to screen date/time for them. The vids had no dispute, however unclear a pic may be!) At this point - I hadn't recieved any invoice (which i requested at start) nor given authorisation to take the remaining €155 from account so I said I still wanted to pay, but I think only fair i got some reimbursement? There is NO dispute of results from pics or vids. I welcome you to see them all. I have asked for a rep to come see the house (I cant create dust!!) All I wanted was some acknowledgment and to meet in the middle somewhere! At that point I had seen ye had infact deducted the money from my account. I then got sent 22 images of my home that someone else took (which isn't right) of my bedrooms etc. They were all from standing back so course you cant see the layer of dust still on sills, skirting, why I took videos. The floor had big balls of dust and dirt across it.. please watch. I have invited the contact to come view my house , first hand to see whats left (I couldht have created the amount of dust or cobwebs in 24hrs!).. all I am asking is for your company to be fair, and see how I am unsatisfied with the service provided today. I do feel it is fair to get something back from the full charge as I have to now get someone else in to clean (whole reason is I am pregnant and have a bday coming up) which I dont think you can justify the full amount? Whatever about the result, it was the aftercare that was the most disappointing. If only it was a case of "let us come and see, if wrong then we can fix by sending someone" and taking accountability - this is the sign of a good company. Instead I was accused of taking the pics /vids before hand, lying about times, that my kids did it....all appalling rather than just FIXING it. I look forward to hearing a response.

Customer: Margarita Bermejo Cano (DUBLIN)
Cleaner: Jessica Caraciolo , Entry date : 03-Sep-2020

They did a great job and the house was as new when finished. It was in better condition than when I moved in.

Customer: Amanda Gardiner (LIMERICK)
Cleaner: Luana Barbosa , Entry date : 20-Aug-2020

Luana was amazing, I was able to work away upstairs once I showed her the products and she was ready to go. Even in the rain and bad weather this morning she managed to still be here early. A pleasure to have her here today and next time I'd love to have her back again. Maybe next week for differnt jobs (beds and ironing.) Thank you for a lovely service Amanda

Customer: James McCarthy (GALWAY)
Cleaner: Aline Rocha , Entry date : 19-Aug-2020

Excellent service. Really happy with the experience and the work that was done.

Customer: Edel (GALWAY)
Cleaner: Aline Rocha , Entry date : 08-Aug-2020

Great professional job again. Thanks Aline and Alice.

Customer: Edel Madden (GALWAY)
Cleaner: Aline Rocha , Entry date : 24-Jul-2020

Great job! Thank you, Aline and Alice

Customer: Mary Ryan (GALWAY)
Cleaner: Aline Rocha , Entry date : 24-Jul-2020

Thankyou for today. The girls did an excellent job Very efficient service. I will definitely use you again. Thankyou. Mary Ryan

Customer: Laura Daly (DUBLIN)
Cleaner: Irene del Rosario Méndez Gonzáles , Entry date : 20-Jul-2020

Excellent job was done! Thank you, very happy with the service.

Customer: Marie Louise (CORK)
Cleaner: Jéssica Brandão , Entry date : 18-Jul-2020

Jéssica and Ayla did a thorough job, we are happy with the result, and look forward to their continued service.

Customer: Noelle O'Carroll (DUBLIN)
Cleaner: Irene del Rosario Méndez Gonzáles , Entry date : 17-Jul-2020

excellent service. Delighted with the outcome. Very friendly and efficient cleaner.

Customer: Ellie Powell (GALWAY)
Cleaner: Pricila Pina , Entry date : 16-Jul-2020

My Cleaner was Daniella, She was an excellent cleaner, very efficient and didn’t need hardly any instruction. Very thorough. Would highly recommend Thank you.

Customer: Edel Madden (GALWAY)
Cleaner: Aline Rocha , Entry date : 10-Jul-2020

Thanks Aline and Alice for a great job done.

Customer: Helen Curtis (DUBLIN)
Cleaner: Irene del Rosario Méndez Gonzáles , Entry date : 03-Jul-2020

Irene did a fantastic job and I would highly recommend her.

Customer: marie Tierney (TIPPERARY)
Cleaner: Ineta Akote , Entry date : 02-Jul-2020

Excellent cleaning job very happy with Ineta very professional and thorough.I will consider using your service again if my regular person is not back from Poland.Thank you very much.

Customer: Maeve OToole (DUBLIN)
Cleaner: Irene del Rosario Méndez Gonzáles , Entry date : 30-Jun-2020

Good job. Would recommend to others.

Customer: Azrin Muslim (LIMERICK)
Cleaner: Cassiane Staudt , Entry date : 29-Jun-2020

Happy with the service provided, bathroom spotless. Thank you

Customer: Margaret killilea (GALWAY)
Cleaner: RAYANNE LOPES , Entry date : 26-Jun-2020

Denise (Rayanne.....did I get the name wrong?) did an excellent job for me today and was very polite and friendly. I would be delighted for her to continue with us. Many thanks! Margaret

Customer: Jonathan Farrelly (DUBLIN)
Cleaner: Irene del Rosario Méndez Gonzáles , Entry date : 23-Jun-2020

Irene was excellent, I was late to the house and she was very pleasant about it. She did a fantastic job cleaning the house. Would recommend

Customer: Jonathan Farrelly (DUBLIN)
Cleaner: Irene del Rosario Méndez Gonzáles , Entry date : 22-Jun-2020

Irene was excellent, I was late to the house and she was very pleasant about it. She did a fantastic job cleaning the house. Would recommend

Customer: Johnny Walker (DUBLIN)
Cleaner: Patricia Aukel , Entry date : 06-Jun-2020

Patricia is wonderful. So thorough. So professional. So trustworthy. 👌

Customer: Mark Kelly (KILKENNY)
Cleaner: Dianna Smirnova , Entry date : 29-Mar-2020

Excellent service. Very good and friendly cleaner. Would highly recommend.

Customer: Patricia O'dwyer (GALWAY)
Cleaner: Aline Rocha , Entry date : 20-Feb-2020

The two girls I booked arrived on the dot of 9, the time I had booked for.They were pleasant, efficient and professional and the cleaning job they did after I had renovations in my house exceeded my expectations. I would recommend to anyone and I will use their services again 5 stars

Customer: Catriona Maguire (LIMERICK)
Cleaner: Bruna Azenha , Entry date : 03-Feb-2020

Very happy with Bruna today . She did great work In the house we look forward to having her back on Thursday.

Customer: Adriaan Van Wyk (DUBLIN)
Cleaner: Marysabel Guardia , Entry date : 03-Jan-2020

Extremely disappointing. Cleaner was late (no problem with this, she did text to let us know and things happen), left early too though. Didn't stay for 8 hours. We paid for the move in package so we could move into our new place with ease but still have to clean the property ourselves anyway. I understand the previous tenants didn't leave the property spotless but we genuinely could have done a better job ourselves. Cobwebs left on surfaces and corners of the rooms, bathroom sink was dirty (tooth paste & general grit left on taps) , rooms were still quite dusty. We were hoping to sign up to the weekly service following today's visit but definitely won't be now.

Customer: Sandra Rogan (DUBLIN)
Cleaner: Gladys Marisol Lopez , Entry date : 23-Dec-2019

Hi, we were so happy with the excellent service given by Gladys on Dec 21st. Thank you Gladys for your work, we are very pleased we booked this service. Best wishes, SR.

Customer: Emma Marie Lane (GALWAY)
Cleaner: Jessica Ellwanger Espindola , Entry date : 30-Nov-2019

Excellent! House is sparkling! Thanks Jessica

Customer: Eimear Sheehan (WEXFORD)
Cleaner: Bridget Connors , Entry date : 31-Oct-2019

Bridget was excellent. She arrived early and made our house look amazing. She is also a lovely person and very easy to invite into your home.

Customer: sinead ni chionaola (CORK)
Cleaner: Rayla Morais , Entry date : 23-Oct-2019

It was lovely to walk into our nice clean hall on Monday. I enjoyed that my shower was clean and that the bed were made. and that the sitting room was tidy. I would have liked for the dishes to have been washed and put away. and the counters in the kitchen cleaned away. thank you I would also have liked to have been able to speak to somebody before the job what they expected and what I expected. I never had a cleaner before. I had cleaning products on the table but I forgot to check that the hoover was chat=rged and that all the bits were there. I think you should call the person once you have the deposit taken from them. thank you

Customer: Sarah O Shaughnessy (LIMERICK)
Cleaner: Luana Barbosa , Entry date : 16-Oct-2019

I had my kitchen deep cleaned and Luana did a brilliant job! Very reliable and polite. Would definitely recommend, she left it sparkling!

Customer: Paul Allison (CO. GALWAY)
Cleaner: Thaysa Cristina Pina lobo , Entry date : 02-Oct-2019

They did a great job and the house was as new when finished. It was in better condition than when I moved in.

Customer: Tracey Hanlon (DUBLIN)
Cleaner: Maria Guadalupe Gonzalez Ramirez , Entry date : 20-Sep-2019

I was happy with the cleaning and service and will definitely use again.

Customer: Martina McInerney (CLARE)
Cleaner: Daniela Belineli , Entry date : 04-Sep-2019

Daniella Was an excellent worker and would use her again.

Customer: Saoubha Ka (DUBLIN)
Cleaner: Maria Guadalupe Gonzalez Ramirez , Entry date : 18-Aug-2019

Maria was my cleaner today. Professional and excellent job. Good attitude towards her work.

Customer: Feargal Deery (DUBLIN)
Cleaner: Maria Guadalupe Gonzalez Ramirez , Entry date : 05-Aug-2019

Great job, punctual, no hassle. Good value for money. Thanks very much.

Customer: Laura Halpin (DUBLIN)
Cleaner: Maria Guadalupe Gonzalez Ramirez , Entry date : 30-Jul-2019

Even though this Maria was down as my cleaner she did not arrive but another girl who was only in the country. She was lovely girl but obviously there is no communication between her and the manager at the company as she didnt know what I had booked. I have already personally sent feed back to whoever was in charge of the booking so I wont elaborate but I think poor service from a management point. I will not be recommending .

Customer: Kieran Birt (DUBLIN)
Cleaner: Maria Guadalupe Gonzalez Ramirez , Entry date : 22-Jul-2019

Excellent clean, done to a professional standard. Very pleased with Maria's work and demeanour.

Customer: Ella O Donoghue (LIMERICK)
Cleaner: Rafael Lopes de Souza , Entry date : 18-Jul-2019


Customer: Isabelle O’Donoghue (DUBLIN)
Cleaner: Roza Huczko , Entry date : 14-Jun-2019

Really happy with the work that Roza did, very pleasant and obliging in her manner.

Customer: Ziona Ozdoba (CORK)
Cleaner: Cristiano Loureiro da Rosa , Entry date : 18-May-2019

Our home is always so clean after Christiano completes the cleaning. He is nice, polite and efficient.

Customer: Karen Begley (LIMERICK)
Cleaner: Simone Luiz batista , Entry date : 15-May-2019

Simone was very professinal curtious and very hard working . I was extremely happy with her and will definitely use your services again when I have another special occasion! I would highly recommend Simone !! 🤗😊

Customer: Gabrielle Egan (TIPPERARY)
Cleaner: Noelle Mcguire , Entry date : 14-May-2019

Noelle was a lovely person she got on with the work and she was excellent would highly recommend her.

Customer: Niamh Morrison (LIMERICK)
Cleaner: Jaqueline Santos , Entry date : 29-Mar-2019

Jacqueline Santos was my cleaner today. She is a lovely lady and did a great job I was very happy to come home to a spotless house Thank you Jacqueline and Thank you cleanless I will be happy to use your services again☺

Customer: Caroline Cooney (DUBLIN)
Cleaner: Lizeth Fernandez , Entry date : 27-Mar-2019

Excellent service, the lady was very professional and provided a high standard of work.

Customer: Julie Monaghan (GALWAY)
Cleaner: Evelyn Kneipp , Entry date : 04-Mar-2019

Evelyn was a pleasure to meet and her cleaning was superb. Hope to have her again. Thanks all. J

Customer: James O'Byrne (DUBLIN 7)
Cleaner: Perla Rios , Entry date : 05-Feb-2019

Excellent attention to detail and very professional. Delighted with Perla’s service.

Customer: Libby McGrane (KILDARE)
Cleaner: Shirley O Sullivan , Entry date : 18-Jan-2019

Shirley arrived on time for this job and worked hard to complete her work to a good standard. I would be happy to use cleanless.ie services again. Thank you

Customer: Una Nugent (WEXFORD)
Cleaner: Bridget Connors , Entry date : 22-Dec-2018

I used your service for the first time today and I have to say, I could not have been happier with the work that was done, Thank you Bridgit! I would not hesitate to recommend this service.

Customer: Niamh Morrison (LIMERICK)
Cleaner: Luana Barbosa , Entry date : 29-Nov-2018

Luana was my cleaner and what a lovely pleasant girl she was. She got stuck into her cleaning duties and I was very impressed when she had finished . She did a great job. I would definitely recommend Luana and cleanless company Thank you all so much☺😊

Customer: Mark Molloy (CORK)
Cleaner: Neeraj Chib , Entry date : 25-Nov-2018

Very happy. Neeraj and team did a great job, and on such short notice too. Good communication too, responded to all calls and texts promptly. Good to know, considering good customer service is so hard to find these days.

Customer: Aoife Minnock (LIMERICK)
Cleaner: Luana Barbosa , Entry date : 23-Nov-2018

Hi Luana Thank you so much for cleaning my house this morning. It was very lovely to come home to a clean house. You did a great job. Thanks again. Aoife

Customer: Lucy Seabrooke (DUBLIN)
Cleaner: mary Franco Viruez , Entry date : 08-Nov-2018

Thank you Mary for doing such a great job with our house, as always. We look forward every single week to arriving home to a lovely, tidy, fresh and sparkling clean home. Such a lovely lady too :-)

Customer: Kate Sheehy (CORK)
Cleaner: Crislene Brito , Entry date : 27-Oct-2018

Crislene was excellent. She did a really good job and was cheery and friendly all day. Thank you so much. And thank her. She would be welcome to come any time. Wonderful woman.

Customer: Rose Fitzpatrick (WATERFORD)
Cleaner: Yessi Pabon , Entry date : 25-Oct-2018

Yessi was very pleasant, professional and thorough. A lovely lady. I will definitely book again.

Customer: Mariana Garcia (LOUTH)
Cleaner: Orla Begley , Entry date : 23-Oct-2018

Thanks Orla for doing such a great job.

Customer: Liane Galvin (LIMERICK)
Cleaner: Rubia Mara Alvarenga Rosa , Entry date : 19-Oct-2018

The two girls were so lovely and did a great job, but I would advise that it's not a deep clean. I thought 6 hrs would be enough (3 hrs for with two isn't) for everything but didn't get time for washing the floors for cleaning some of the skirting boards. In my honest option it's over priced for a deep clean package. This isn't the girls fault at all as they were under pressure for time and did the best they could. I already had ye cancel on Tuesday at 9 o'clock and the girls said another lady arrived in at around 10 to clean the house as well so obviously a mix up with the service.

Customer: Cait (GALWAY)
Cleaner: Jessica Ellwanger Espindola , Entry date : 14-Oct-2018

Jessica was excellent, she was very professional and friendly, was on time and left my house spotless! I’ll be asking for her next time I book a deep clean

Customer: Irene Simpson (GALWAY)
Cleaner: Stephanie Gbinigie , Entry date : 11-Oct-2018

Unfortunately Betty forgot to clean the fridge and oven as agreed.

Customer: Carmel O'Connor (LIMERICK)
Cleaner: Catarine Ribeiro , Entry date : 27-Sep-2018

Excellent Cleaner, Very impressed.

Customer: Francesca White (DUBLIN 8)
Cleaner: Alma Ramírez , Entry date : 25-Sep-2018

Alma was excellent! Thank you very much.

Customer: Lucy Seabrooke (DUBLIN)
Cleaner: mary Franco Viruez , Entry date : 21-Sep-2018

Thank you Mary for cleaning my home on Thursday morning. It was such a treat to arrive home to a lovely clean and tidy house. The kids loved their fresh beds especially, as did we ;-) Thanks again and see you next week.

Customer: Niamh Morrison (LIMERICK)
Cleaner: Tamires Crispim , Entry date : 11-Sep-2018

Tamires is a very dedicated passionate hardworking girl who takes pride in her Job and also her customers/Clients Making the customer (Myself) so comfortable and at ease with their cleaning duties and relaxed in their company and environment I was more than pleased with Tamires (Mee her nick name) 😊and her fantastic job of my house I wud definitely recommend her and your services to others and wud be happy to use your services again Thank you and thank u mee for a brilliant job It has been a pleasure Niamh Morrison

Customer: Audrey Carthy (DUBLIN)
Cleaner: Maria del Rosario Arrazola Cobo , Entry date : 10-Sep-2018

Maria was excellent delighted with her work will 100%get her again thank you.

Customer: Jason McAndrew (DUBLIN)
Cleaner: Gabriela Alejandra Sahonero Zenteno , Entry date : 08-Sep-2018

That's not true at all!!! I didn't choose how long she cleaned for I left her to clean and the only instructions I gave is I don't need the bedrooms cleaned!! Why would I tell her not to hoover under the couch or the pets hairs off the couch??? She could have cleaned another hour she just choose not to!!

Customer: Jason McAndrew (DUBLIN)
Cleaner: Gabriela Alejandra Sahonero Zenteno , Entry date : 08-Sep-2018

Sorry to say I really don't think the service was worth €70 as I think there could have been a lot more thorough clean. The couch still has pet hairs on it and wasn't even hoovered underneath! I won't be using your company again!

Customer: Margaret killilea (GALWAY)
Cleaner: Emese Csefan , Entry date : 07-Sep-2018

Amy is brilliant! Thank you!

Customer: Sarah Walters (DUBLIN)
Cleaner: mary Franco Viruez , Entry date : 07-Sep-2018

Hi I was overall very happy with both Alma and Mary. Just a few things - it doesn't look like all the mirrors were cleaned in bathrooms and I'm not sure about the toilet in the WC. If I could also ask next week that the Kitchen counter tops be washed and polished.

Customer: Margaret killilea (GALWAY)
Cleaner: Emese Csefan , Entry date : 06-Sep-2018

Emese was lovely to meet and an excellent worker. Could we book her for to morrow for 2 hours anytime between 11.30 and 6.00? (the normal schedule is between 11.00 and 3.00 but free day in house on Saturday) Many thanks, Margaret Killilea

Customer: Debra Griffiths (CO. WESTMEATH)
Cleaner: Donna Quinn , Entry date : 03-Sep-2018

Lovely lady, everything done ,great job

Customer: Dheena Segar (TIPPERARY)
Cleaner: Natalie Mcnamara , Entry date : 18-Aug-2018

Natalie provided an excellent service. She was on time, really fast, thorough and polite. We are so happy with the result. Our house never looked cleaner.

Customer: Shane Barton (TIPPERARY)
Cleaner: Natalie Mcnamara , Entry date : 10-Aug-2018

Good job thanks

Customer: Amy Cunningham (CORK)
Cleaner: Cristiano Loureiro da Rosa , Entry date : 10-Aug-2018

They done a fab job , delighted would def recommend :)

Customer: anne lambert (CORK)
Cleaner: Dienne Evelin Lima Oliveira , Entry date : 28-Jul-2018

Did a good jab and polite

Customer: Louise Talbot Beirne (CO. WESTMEATH)
Cleaner: Donna Quinn , Entry date : 27-Jul-2018

Thank you Donna, lovely job.

Customer: Louise Talbot Beirne (CO. WESTMEATH)
Cleaner: Donna Quinn , Entry date : 13-Jul-2018

Donna did a great job, we came home to a lovely clean house. She got into almost every corner to give a full deep clean. Very happy, thank you.

Customer: John Keady (GALWAY)
Cleaner: Emese Csefan , Entry date : 12-Jul-2018

Excellent clean and excellent services. Do a fantastic job.

Customer: L Goggin (CORK)
Cleaner: Cristiano Loureiro da Rosa , Entry date : 11-Jul-2018

The women did a great job. Hard work in this heat. Delighted.

Customer: Ladislav Pleca (TIPPERARY)
Cleaner: Josephine Lawlor , Entry date : 30-Jun-2018

Very polite, did a great job.

Customer: Susie Harkin (DUBLIN)
Cleaner: yocelin torres , Entry date : 20-Jun-2018

Lorena and Yocelin were absolutely lovely and I’m very satisfied with their work. They had a lot to do and managed it perfectly!

Customer: Kristin Herms (DUBLIN)
Cleaner: Valeria Irribarren , Entry date : 18-Jun-2018

I'm not sure that Valeria is a good fit for us. We had to go over things that I had to ask her to clean. Would it be possible to send another girl next time? Thanks, Kristin

Customer: Gemma Sexton (CORK)
Cleaner: Danielle Cabral Santos , Entry date : 14-Jun-2018

Danielle is Fab!!! I'm so happy with her service. I love coming home from work after she has been in my house. I would highly recommend her. Thanks Danielle 😊

Customer: Kristin Herms (DUBLIN)
Cleaner: Valeria Irribarren , Entry date : 06-Jun-2018

After second inspection here are things that need to be improved: - the windows had cleaning marks - the same for the fridge - the shower was still with limescale - bleach should have been used - the windows downstairs could have been cleaned also from the outside as they are easily reachable Considering that she left nearly 1hr earlier,the above could have been done. Also, can you please provide me with a list of cleaning jobs we can expect in the time we paid for. Thanks, Kristin

Customer: Geraldine dowd (ROSCOMMON)
Cleaner: sharon jennings , Entry date : 26-May-2018

Sharon is an excellent cleaner very friendly money well spent.. would recommend her to anyone.

Customer: Aoife Curran (DUBLIN)
Cleaner: Lorena Rodriguez , Entry date : 25-May-2018

Overall house clean and tidy. However kitchen floor was dirty when I came home along with doors and dust remained in many places. Some furniture not clean. Oven and fridge nice and ckean. More of a general clean and wipe down rather than a deep clean package. Unfortunately it was Not 8 hours worth of cleaning done.

Customer: Mary Cotter (WICKLOW)
Cleaner: Elizabeth Charlton , Entry date : 23-May-2018

Elizabeth arrived on time and cleaned the house to a high standard Elizabeth was friendly and polite I would recommend Elizabeth to anyone for a job .Marycotter.

Customer: Sinead McDonald (DUBLIN)
Cleaner: Thiago Silva , Entry date : 23-May-2018

Great worker, on time and polite.

Customer: Sharon Coleman (CORK)
Cleaner: Neeraj Chib , Entry date : 22-May-2018

Delighted with Neeraj, he arrived early, he is a very polite gentleman. He cleaned my house really well.😃

Customer: Carol Deegan (CORK)
Cleaner: Dienne Evelin Lima Oliveira , Entry date : 21-May-2018

Excellent work and very pleasant,did a fantastic job

Customer: Rob O Brien (CORK)
Cleaner: sueli santos , Entry date : 07-May-2018

Very good job done

Customer: Erinn G (GALWAY)
Cleaner: PRISCILA RIBEIRO MOREIRA , Entry date : 03-May-2018

PRISCILA was great! The house was a tip and very cluttered but even so, she managed to get so much done in just three hours! Every job on the (very long) list was done thoroughly and the place was sparkling :)

Customer: Lynette Botha (WICKLOW)
Cleaner: Megann Evans , Entry date : 29-Apr-2018

Megann is a lovely girl. Very friendly, punctual and a great cleaner. Would highly recommend her.

Customer: eleanor harpur (WEXFORD)
Cleaner: Orla O'Connor , Entry date : 06-Apr-2018

Great girls.Very efficient and great attention to detail.Lovely pleasant girls.They left the house spotless.

Customer: Miriam Regan (DUBLIN 1)
Cleaner: Dulce Maria Montalvo Bravo , Entry date : 03-Apr-2018

Excellent worker 5 star review

Customer: Thomas Cahalan (Waterford)
Cleaner: Mario Čeple , Entry date : 23-Mar-2018

Very professional.

Customer: Janet Murphy (CO. WESTMEATH)
Cleaner: Donna Quinn , Entry date : 23-Mar-2018

Donna was a pleasure to deal with. Very happy with everything

Customer: Richard Moyles (DUBLIN 1)
Cleaner: Susana Lozano Cruz , Entry date : 19-Mar-2018

Honestly a great job, extremely thorough and very friendly. Will definitely be using the service again!

Customer: Yvonne KEARNEY (CO. GALWAY)
Cleaner: Thaysa Cristina Pina lobo , Entry date : 18-Mar-2018

Was slightly disappointed with attention to detail. Missed some main areas whilst other areas that were less important were dealt with.

Customer: MRS Bloeme (LIMERICK)
Cleaner: Mary Finn , Entry date : 17-Mar-2018

Mary was very professional and very, very thorough. She made the filthy apartment I just moved into feel like home for me! Thank you so much!

Customer: Khurram Shahzad (DUBLIN 2)
Cleaner: Ana Cecilia Estrada Garcia , Entry date : 16-Mar-2018

Thanks. It was great job. even though there were not tools available but Ana really made it great by innovation.

Customer: Aoife Murphy (DUBLIN)
Cleaner: Gabriel Vitor Rodrigues Teixeira , Entry date : 13-Mar-2018

Thank you for a great job. For next time the priority is cleaning main en suite bathroom and main bathroom. Hoover and mop all floors. Dont bother cleaning oven. Thanks

Customer: Emer (DUBLIN 3)
Cleaner: claudia gonzalez , Entry date : 10-Mar-2018

Excellent cleaner, very thorough, would recommend!

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